The core services of WorkFWD


Special offers for meeeting and seminar rooms, to welcome your customers in our premises.


WordkFWD is more than a space to work. For us, the best in every industry, are our guest.

Corona consequences with us...

WorkFwd is also the answer for problems around the Corona virus.

WorkFwd provides work and communication space for busy friends. It will stay that way.

However, we feel, particularly recently, that we are being seen much more often as an alternative in the context of home office use and the restrictions around Covid.

We observe rules that we have been widely applied, especially in Italy, and have experienced directly how useful they have turned out to be. First and foremost there are the

  • Social Distancing rules
  • We sit far more than one meter apart
  • In addition additional flexible room dividers.
  • Hygiene rules for hand washing / disinfection
  • We have practically no seminars since March 2020
  • Meeting rooms are further seated and staffing is much lower / dynamically adjusted to the situation.

In this area we collect these, and adapt constantly. Therefore, also here the request, with good ideas directly to me under +43 664 1614975, or We will constantly adapt it to the practical requirements.

And now the only thing missing is the clear call to you:

Don't complain, get vaccinated!

Coworking is for working

We believe it is right for our services to be provided without the usual trappings such as.

  • security deposit,
  • years of contract and
  • or other ties.

You should concentrate on your new work and not on contracts with a real estate company and years of deadlines, which creates a free space for you to use for innovation.

And we support that to the best of our ability! Also together we try NOT to work alongside each other but also with each other.

Moving each other forward, helping, supporting and listening are things we live and experience every day.

More about our core values

WorkFwd gives you and the team a quasi-private space to focus your work. Without the disruption of a usually crowded coworking space.

Whiteboards, flipchart, chargers for various mobile phones, WiFi, HDTVs, as well as necessary office supplies and much more.Each area contains everything to enable the best work.


We work with Babysits, which makes it easier for parents and babysitters to get in touch with each other through their childcare community.

We adapt the areas to the necessary situation. It makes a big difference for a normal meeting, a presentation or for a workspace. Our WorkFwd team takes care of the setup.

At WorkFwd we think little of long-term commitments or hidden costs. No down payment, no deposit for the areas whenever and wherever it is needed.

Usually something gets stuck, but then the host is ready and will try to solve any problem. Depending on the situation and what is needed, even 24/7.

Here we are ready for you globally. The locations Feldkirch, Dornbirn, Lustenau and Widnau in Switzerland allow good access in this region.

We are on site at all locations with UBIT consultants who have internalised the COMMON DOING. We help with profound knowledge from management consultancy, IT and accounting, as well as the advertising industry.