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Why do our customers choose WorkFwd?

At WorkFwd, we do more than work alongside each other.


We also move each other forward with our work.

Helping, supporting and listening are things we live and experience every day.

More about our core values


Feldkirch, Ambergpark

Office room, meeting room and enough parking at the entrance to Feldkirch

Outdoor work areas.

Bus stop in front of the door, 5 minutes walking or by bike from the city.

Dornbirn, Rüsch Villa

An Art Nouveau Villa in Dornbirn, in close proximity to the market square, Railway station, Martinspark and yet undisturbed by the noise.

WorkFwd is a perfect place for a representative speech or Seminar. And perfect as your headquarters.

Lustenau, Milleniumspark

The GlessHub - is one of the most modern Vorarlberg office centers and it's located in the Millennium Park, Lustenau.

Optimally located and sized, to frame the topic of digital transformation.

Suna, Verbania (I)

In Verbania - Suna (Piedmont), directly on Lake Maggiore, we have a fine large office with integrated meeting area and Keba (Rhodesian) as supervisor

Widnau (CH), Unterletten

In the industrial area of Widnau, on the road with quicker access to the Rhine valley.

Büro, Meeting room and warehouse logistics for your use.

The core services of WorkFWD

Fine office space.

Workspaces in various specifications and durations of use. FixDesk, FlexDesk , Resident and memberships are possible.

A start-up package for founders is also available.

Holding meetings and Seminars

Special offers for meeeting and seminar rooms, to welcome your customers in our premises.



Holding events and visits

WordkFWD is more than a space to work. For us, the best in every industry, are our guest.



Home of professionals

WordkFwd is a professional working and communication place for busy friends.

A professional working environment, where you can meet your customers. A serious, stylish office, where productive jobs and innovative ideas are born. Sporadically, in consultation with the members, events are held.

  • Workplace with desk
  • Meeting room, also for your guests!
  • Work & Team Spaces for several people

Why do our customer choose WorkFwd?

WorkFwd is more than side by side working. We also work to move each other forward. Helping, supporting and listening are things we live and experience every day.



More details about our main values

We're here for working!

We don't require bail, years of contracts, other commitments and all the rest of it. And we believe that this is right.
You're supposed to focus on your new job, not on contracts with a real estate agent and years of deadlines.


Interference-free open area

WorkFwd gives you and your team an almost private area for focused work. Without the confusion that is usually present in crowded coworking sites.

Everything about productivity

Whiteboards, Flipchart, chargers for various mobile phones, WiFi, HDTVs, as well as all necessary office tools and much more. Each location is well equipped to ensure the best working conditions.

Babysits is very close

We work with babysits who, through their childcare community, make it easier for parents and babysitters to get in touch with each other.

Flexible floor plans

We adapt the area to the situation. There is a big difference between a regular meeting, a presentation or a work place Our WorkFwd Team takes care of the setup

Price transparency

In WorkFwd we don't like long obbligations or hidden costs. No down payment, no deposit for the areas whenever an wherever needed.

Help, when you need it

It can crash, but then the host is ready and can solve any problem. Depending on the situation, and necessarily 24/7

Vorarlberg and surroundings

Here we are ready for you globally. The towns of Feldkirch, Dornbirn, Lustenau und Widnau in Switzerland, allow good access in this region.

Consulting Services

In all location we have internalized the UBIT consultants who have worked with us. We help with a deep unterstanding of consulting, IT and accounting, as well as the advertising industry.

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