We are not an event space

But we also have events.

First of all, we want a fine environment for thinkers every day. It's better when it's quite.

No hassle with hordes trampling through the offices and music as loud as possible, if somebody has something to drum.

Sometimes it can be different. Planned and agreed.

Ok, then it is fun.


Our WorkFwd Coworking places are characterized by imaginative personalities. We like to communicate, and we consider it as a fundamental factor for the collective intelligence growing. Everyone benefits from this.

When an event is planned, many elements are necessary for it to become an experience for everyone.

  • Place and space
  • Subject & Community
  • Time  & Duration
  • Form of the event - such as barcamp, conference, training or school

Some of these points are already there, others we create.

(Almost) all are welcome.

Meeting infrastructure is an essential element for working with staff in a team or with external collaborators, as well as for project meetings and successful presentations.

  • Premises are also available for external users - a little more expensive, to be booked in advance and paid immediately... First we book for the Coworkers, and then for the externals
  • Meeting rooms are sufficient in each location and can be booked directly at short notice for the Coworking members. They are also reservable for external users.

Why almost all?

  • Culture and marginal conditions are important to us - so if we are not compatible, we don't have to..

Team & Workspace with meeting rooms

Depending on the chosen Team and Workspace offer, the above mentioned meeting areas are included.