We can also event!

Big Events are limited to the meeting areas.

If the Covid rules* allow it again, we have room for larger events. Especially in the Event Space in Lustenau. Here, an event space of around 170 square metres is used as a venue for gatherings of up to 150 people.

In addition, there is a terrace, which is also suitable for outdoor work, especially in spring and summer. In the directly adjacent kitchen, catering can already be prepared without disturbing the event.

In the Feldkirch location, events for up to 25 people are possible.

In Dornbirn it has proven itself up to 20 (maximum 30 persons) in frontal seating.


*Covid has also messed that up decently.... I don't think we can plan the whole 2020 and early 2021 for that either. Outdoor stories may be exciting - we have a few options here that could serve as alternatives for some situations.

Events with 2 - 150 persons are possible

Our WorkFwd coworking are characterized by imaginative personalities. We like to communicate, and see it as an elementary factor in increasing collective intelligence. Everyone benefits from it.

For an event to succeed, many points are necessary to make it that experience for everyone.

  • Place & Space
  • Theme & Community
  • Time & duration
  • Form of the event - like barcamp, conference, training - or school

Some of these points are permanent, others we create for it.

All (almost) are welcome.

Meeting infrastructure is an essential element so that working with employees in the team, with external or also for project meetings or for project initiation can succeed:

  • As an external user, the premises are also available for use - slightly more expensive, to be paid directly and in advance, and in order.... First we book for coworkers and then in second priority for external.
  • Meeting rooms are available at each location and can be booked at short notice and directly for coworking members, and reserved for external users.

Why almost all of them?

  • Culture and boundary conditions are important to us - so if we don't fit together, we don't have to....

Team & Workspace are the meeting rooms available

Depending on the selected bundle, the team and workspace offers also include the above premises for meetings and events. This is specified individually in the offer with the corresponding use.