When selecting subjects, we leave little to chance: Emotionality, topicality and the impact on the entrepreneurial themes, play the main role. I know from personal experience that the pain of a monotonous talk is high. Even in case of unactractive topics, the way of presentation can help promoting the theme ...


If it is sophisticated and entertaining, it will be much easier to follow the lecture. Our talks are not sleeping pills - guaranteed :-)

And from our experience, we can say that only in this way words can be translated into actions!

We face your individual problems and take up the entrepreneurial challenges: So, ask us!

Topic examples:

  • Block chain use in the food sector
  • Logistics in the block chain era
  • Decentralized and safe IT usage
  • Integrative building design
  • Renewable energy systems
  • Sustainability Transitions
  • Circular economi
  • Permaculture
  • Responsible Tourism oder new Marketing locations
  • Outdoor Sports and Education