Coworking terms

This document describes conditions under which WorkFwd Coworkings are used at the locations Feldkirch, Lustenau, Dornbirn, Widnau and Suna.

Ordino, as a coworking provider, offers its members flexible in terms of time and location flexible office workplaces with internet access, meeting rooms and modernr technicalr infrastructure (Lan/Wlan, Internet, printers, telephony, binding machines, presentation material, etc.) for joint use.

The services and prices are available at and are continuously updated.


The coworking may only be used by the member for office work and business meetings. Any alternative use must be clarified in advance and requires the written consent of the coworking provider.

Depending on the model chosen, access is granted either during opening hours (FlexDesk: Mon-Fri 8am-5pm) or around the clock (FixDesk: 24/7) is granted. Members with 24/7 access must properly lock and lock the doors when leaving the coworking space after 5pm on weekdays. An Weekendn and holidays, doors are to be kept locked at all times.

Coworking members can choose from the available workspaces at any given time. They are not entitled to a specific place. However, tables can be reserved the day before if necessary. Meeting rooms, if available and not reserved by other members, can also be used as workspaces. Each day the member checks in is considered a day of use, regardless of the length of stay.

Workstations must be cleared for FlexDesk members at the end of each day of use (Clean Desk Policy). FixDesk-Members may bring their own equipment (monitors, keyboard/mouse or similar) if required and leave it in the coworking space. However, the provider is not liable for theft or damage to this equipment.

Any loss of the key/chip must be reported immediately. Subsequent costs due to loss or misuse are to be borne by the member to bear.

Disruptive and illegal behavior entitles the provider to expel the member from the premises and terminate the membership with immediate effect, in particular:

  1. Use of the coworking for chain letters or spam e-mail.

  2. Defamation, abuse, harassment, stalking, threats or other violation of legal regulations (such as protection of privacy, personal rights) of persons or companies inside or outside the coworking space.

  3. Dissemination of immoral, offensive or other unlawful material or data within or via the provided infrastructure.

  4. Distribution of data containing viruses, Trojans, worms, bots or other malicious software.

  5. Illegal download and/or upload of copyrighted data.

  6. Obstructing other members from accessing or using the infrastructure.

  7. Unlawfully obtaining information from other members without their consent.

  8. Providing false identity information.


The coworking offer is aimed exclusively at natural persons, although billing can also be made to legal entities (companies). The data requested during registration must be provided completely and correctly. If a change occurs in the data provided after registration, the member is obliged to notify the changes immediately. The use of the coworking offer can be terminated by both the member and the coworking provider at the end of the prepaid period without observing a notice period by informal cancellation. If no notice of termination is given at least 10 days prior to the expiry of the membership, the membership will be automatically renewed for the same period (e.g. for a further month). The reimbursement of any existing credits or their transfer to other members is possible upon termination of membership only with the consent of the provider.

Terms of payment

All prices are net prices plus the legal value added tax. Invoices are to be paid within 5 days of issue by bank transfer without deduction. In the event of default, the coworking provider is liable to the member. member to charge the member interest on arrears at a rate of 8% above the discount rate. In the event of late payment, the coworking provider is entitled to suspend individual services or access until payment is made. The suspension does not affect the obligation to pay. The offsetting of claims is only possible if the coworking provider agrees to this.

Services booked online are due for payment immediately and will be settled via credit card or an online payment platform (e.g. Stripe or PayPal).

Data protection/Image rights

The member agrees that personal data necessary for the performance of the contract may be stored and electronically processed. The provider is entitled to contact the member by e-mail or chat system about innovations in coworking. The website also contains the user data required for online booking/reservation.

The member agrees that events, workshops and the like may be held on a regular basis and that these may be documented with photos and/or videos. The member agrees that all photographs taken in this context and the name of the member may be published by the coworking provider and the respective organiser for the purpose of self-promotion in an unaltered or altered form in any media without a separate fee.

The member has the right to revoke this consent for individual events.

Warranty, liability

  1. The member has inspected the workplaces prior to registration and acknowledges their location and condition to be adequate.

  2. The member acknowledges that there may occasionally be noise disturbance from other members and/or neighbors.

  3. The coworking provider is not liable for any actions of members acting externally on their own behalf and at their own risk.

  4. The member indemnifies the coworking provider against any claims by third parties and reimburses the coworking provider for the costs of legal action in the event that a claim is made against the coworking provider by third parties as a result of an infringement of rights by the member.

  5. The member shall not be entitled to any claims for reduction or damages for impairments caused by modernisation and repair work.

  6. The member is responsible for the sufficiently secure locking of cabinets, drawers, etc. that are used. The coworking provider is not liable for stolen or defective items.

  7. No liability is accepted for the wardrobe.

Terms and conditions of the member or of third parties do not apply, even if their application is not separately objected to in individual cases. This also applies if The Coworking Provider refers to a letter that contains the terms and conditions of the member. members or third parties or refers to such, this does not constitute agreement with the validity of those terms and conditions.


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