An environment for corporate success

For many self-employed people, own premises are no longer a high priority. The entire company finds place in the laptop. But sometimes, the longing for a solid environment and all the rest of it, may arise.

For this reason, the Coworking with its Fix-Desk- and Flex-Desk- options, is the right solution. For some companies, even sporadic use is a topic. Here, through a membership, we have a cost-effective way to use infrastructure, but it can also be done without it. For example, if you need space for seminars, meetings or presentations.

Coworking is a place where freelancers or teams work – sometimes in common, but often together. This brings a lot of benefits. Everybody decides for himself when and how often wants to use the workplace, a meeting or a seminar room. For this reason, the related investments remain maneageable and adjustable.

Discretion and possible retreats for highly concentrated word are guaranteed in our premises. And most members are always ready to answer any questions, over coffee or even without.

Many companies need more than a suitable location!

WorkFwd is in Austria, Switzerland and Italy. We don't offer the same services everywhere, but as a company location, for example, each workspace in the respective country, is easily usable as an elegant place to start a business.

The basis for this is the choice of "FixDesk extended", or "Fixdesk all" options.

Support for founder in the respective country.

The expansion of Standard Fixdesk core setting is the Resident Package.

The Workfwd Coworking offers several additional services that have proved practical over the last 10 years.

Overview of all services offers

Many offers are also submitted by members, and we will continue to expand them in the "Coworking" spirit.