Work spaces in Feldkirch

The Coworking in Feldkirch - Ambergpark - Reichsstraße 126 has a perfect infrastructure.There is an office area of about 450 square metres, with meeting rooms, spaces for events, and all the rest of it. Balconies of  400 square metres can also be used - especially in summer, its particularly pleasant to work outside by Wi-fi, under the parasols.

We provide ample parking facilities in the outside area, as well as in the well-lit underground car parking, for the coworking members, their customers and partners.

Direct access to public transport is ensured by a large number of bus lines which stops at our door and lead, moreover, to the nearby Feldkirch railway station, with regional, national and international connections.
Even by bicycle you can get to the center, to the station and even across the border with Switzerland and Liechtenstein. The cycle path over the Mother Road, ensures a safe and relaxing driving.

You can use the open area to select YOUR favourite FixDesk space. The Flexdesk workplaces are located more at the entrance, to ensure fast access. But as a FixDesk User you can choose this too.

The principle is: further away from the entrance, towards the inside, the quieter it should be.

Price overview


from € 330.-


from € 200.-


from about 650 €


WorkFwd - Coworking Feldkirch
Reichsstraße 126 / I. Stock
6800 Feldkirch

Phone: +43 5522 93000 52
Fax: +43 5522 93000 62

Arriving by Bus / Train

From the Feldkirch Station you can reach us directly by Bus at the third bus stop - Amberggasse. Lines 1 and 2 leave directly from Bahnhofs-Vorplatz  - Lines 56, 59, 60 and 68 at the bus stop Reichsstraße (Billa). Waiting time is not too long.

Arriving by car

At the traffic light at Ambergpark (Hofer, Vögele), use the underground car park or the outside parking area. The Coworking is on the first floor, in the right wing.

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Wie viele Arbeitsplätze

Dietmar Walser

I'll help you


The team led by Dietmar Walser gives the WorkFwd Coworking in Feldkirch its personal touch.

He personally supports - contact me - on the Phone Icon, I'm always reachable!

Or by Chat - bottom right.


Fast Internet

Daily cleaning

Access 24/7

Phone and rooms

Print / Scan / Copy

Office equipment

Private & Community Events

Post & Packages Service

Local Host

Legal company location for I/A/CH

Bicycles parking

Outdoor Options


Lawyer on site

Buses in front of the door

Startup support

IT Services

High Security Area

Women Fitness Center


Direktzugang zum Babysitter

WauWau welcome


Meeting AreasSpecial Features such as Audio-/Video equipment and use of USM Haller System furniture.
Samina waterFresh water to quench your thirst every now and then - the best water in Vorarlberg
Highspeed-InternetChoose between Wide Internet (Ethernet) or secure WLAN – IT-Support and Guest-Login included.
Coffee from our own roasteryKeep your caffeine level up to a healthy one, with our unlimited range of fresh roasted coffee.
Phone calls areasIn these almost soundproof cabins, you'll have plenty of privacy for your confidential calls and video callings
Work and leisure eventsWorkshops, Discussions with innovative opinion leaders and cheese fair: There is a small annual program that we plan together. We plan 4 Evening events pro year in each location. However, we are not event planners - we like it quietly!
PrinterEach location has a professional printer, which is invoiced at cost, office supplies and a shredder.  Prints will be invoiced only starting from the 50th Colour / or 100 Black & White page.
Local staffOur team wil be happy to assist you during the working week and to offer you support at the reception desk or individually.

News from Feldkirch Location

No news available.

Alexander Bauer

The geologist

I live and work as an indipendent geologist in Vorarlberg and Tyrol. At the moment, I mainly work with water (for example, the Brenner Base Tunnel)


Dietmar Walser

I like this discreet hustle and bustle that makes me consciously stay focused on the subject. The environment of consultans (with various tasks and topics) is for me - as a consultant - an inspiring challenge.


Eduard Konzett

Begleitende Personalberatung Konzett

... es tut (bei mir eher: tat) wohl in einem lebendigen Umfeld mit Spezialisten aus verschiedensten Gebieten zusammen zu arbeiten.

Elke Küng

Wipro Limited Austrian Branch

What should I say more than: beautiful office with perfect infrastructure. It fits perfectly!


Helga Delgado

Elegant Resorts

We are a travel consultancy and we distinguish ourselvers from the other travel agencies thanks to our special exclusive and luxurious offer. Here we can rely on almost 30 years of experience and countless satisfied customers


Marjan Ratkovic


A fine development and implementation of Online presence and advertising are favoured through Typo3.


Michael Schnedl


I turn companies into brands. As a full-service agency, I offer a wide range of solutions, from the development of marketing concept, to the implemented communication measure - from conventional advertising to online marketing.. We compile your company profile together and rely on a crystal-clear communication with your customer and potential interested parties.


Rita Alesina

Dottoressa Architetto

What I like most about WorkFwd is the feeling of "presence" in this Coworking Club. When I work in my regular office in Italy, there is more hectic or lots of disturbances during the day. If I have to do something important, I stay as long as possible inside this teamplace.


Silvia Huchler

Konzett Huchler Bayer Personalberatung GmbH

For me, as a self-employed person -the great advantage of a Coworking space is the daily contact with other freelancers, with whom I can quickly create a network. In addition to the efficiency that comes from a Coworking space, there's also a certain amount of inspiration and encouragement from other freelancers!