By car

There are plenty of parking available in Ambergpark. During business hours, and for customers, they can be freely used.

Better using the parking spaces in the underground car park.

Then go up to the central step house. You don't get wet, you don't get too hot.

In case you need longer parker times

If necessary, we can provide you a parking card to enable parking in the underground area 24 hours/day. Being in the proximity of the station, this is convenient, as your car can be protected and locked.

This also works over weekends. However, it's important to remember that exit is possible 24hours /day, but access without the key is only allowed until 23.00. Not allowed on Sunday.

The car park is guarded, and violations are reported. To avoid this, we issue a park card, so that this problem doesn't occur. Costs are charged according to usage. Please, for more details contact Dietmar Walser.


At the main entrance, there's a space where bicycles can be parked and locked.

Further park places can be found on the underground area. Please, don't use the car parkings!

I recommend getting to Amberpark throug Mutterstrasse, which runs parallel through Bundestrasse, but calmly on the mountain. Here you can reach the Amberpark area through a small, retro-finished entrance, avoiding the traffic of Bundesstraße.