Logistic premises

The warehouse is organized in halls, lines, pavilions and separate storage areas. All these spaces up to the pallet place, can be assigned to the customers. Heights are viariable, except for pallet place. This can be rented on a monthly basis.

Storage conditions:

We can meet different requirements:

  • but only without cooling - which means the temperature range is within 10-30 degrees
  • On/ Off storage, according to the principle "First in, first out", LAFO, uvm.
  • Expiration date under regular review
  • Block storage area or not, do not store anything on the floor, even if in its packaging or in a container.
  • Separate storage for: textile, backery products, durable backery products, ready-to-eat foods, packaged and upackaged foods
  • Storage temperature range
  • Solar radiation / dark storage / processing

Goods Inwards:

  • The receipt of goods shall be documented
  • Quality inspection (Visual Inspection, odour, mould, weight, umidity)
  • Temperature, maintainance of temperature range
  • Expiry date
  • Packaging check in case of damage
  • Immediate good storage, at the appropriate temperature
  • Never place food containers on the floor


Traceability means that all products and their ingredients must be traced through all stages of production, processing and distribution to the place of origin or to producers. Traceability is an essential guarantee tool for many industry operators.

Structural requirements in the warehouse:

  • Maintenance, cleaning and disinfection, temperature and the possibility of ventilation
  • necessary equipment and handling equipment
  • Transport by entry and exit ramps
  • Personal hygiene