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Erwin Ziegler took up the idea of coworking many years ago and carried the idea for the location. He is open to new things and helps with Rita over all hurdles in getting started and running Coworking Widnau.

He supports personally - contact me - simply right thePhone icon, I am always available there!

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Coworking Widnau is located in the Trachsler AG building at Unterlettenstrasse 10.

Conveniently located on the Austrian-Swiss border, a focus on warehousing and logistics services has developed here. However, the location near the Swiss border also lends itself to other entrepreneurial activities. As in all our coworkings, we also offer office space in Widnau, including a complete office infrastructure and meeting rooms.

There are up to 10 fixed-desk workstations available, and with 2 meeting rooms we can also meet the needs for product presentations and discreet meetings. Since we also have appropriate social rooms on site, we can also offer companies with employees in the field a good place to meet the trade requirements.