Why WorkFwd is the right coworking?

Core values are (no) secret

  • Justice and moderation towards everything, so that sustainability in the community is possible.
  • Generosity and helpfulness.
  • Humanity and thus openness and accessibility.
  • Courtesy and empathy.
  • Truthfulness.

Big words. But they manifest themselves in the everyday life of WorkFwd-Coworking. In dealing with other people on site, their customers and business partners. And thus create a new form of entrepreneurial and professional togetherness. Because the more complex and unmanageable our society becomes, the more helpful it is to understand the basic values that connect us in depth as human beings.

Ultimately, WorkFwd-Coworking was conceived as a place where the culture of humanity is cultivated and where people have fun in the process.

  1. Inform the team in time.
  2. At the beginning, we should establish the "rules of cooperation".
  3. Dietmar is the caretaker, who takes care of the implementation of these rules and can also tap people's fingers.
  4. Periodically, the team talks about the mutual dialogue. Then rules will be updated, at any time!
  5. Since we are not always in the same place, there are also detailed rules on the cleaning of kitchen, workplaces and so on.
  6. For fun - open plan office is especially nice when you design it together, for example (Team Pictures, plants, the joke of the week, ...)
  7. We create areas to improve cooperation: areas for hard working, areas for meetings, areas for phone calls.