Space and time to talk

Inluded for Fixdesk users, but also the external ones can book it

All the locations of the Coworking Voralberg allow working in a professional area which has different characteristics, depending on the location.

Meeting infrastructure is an essential element, to work with staff in a Team, or with external members, or also for project meeting or presentations. In general:

  • We have Offices everywhere - the most are in Feldkirch, the fewest is in Suna
  • Meeting rooms are adequate and sufficient in each location, and the coworking members can book them at short notice.
  • The spaces are also available for external users - a little more expensive, and to be paid directly in advance.... First we book for the coworkers, and secondly for external users. Once the rooms are booked, the services are very similar.
  • Seminar rooms for major events are mainly located in Dornbirn - the surrounding environment of the Villa Rusch, protected by historical monuments, also contributes to the well-being. In Lustenau a space for up to 150 people is also available.

Simply choose the available offer for the selected location, all information is up-to-date. Reservations and bookings in the foreseeable future are also available. It reflects wery well the current booking situation. The bookable spaces are fully descripted, with photos and usage instructions included.

For prices consideration, it's not important which room you select. You can, if you want - and it's free - also use a large meeting room for work. Only the use of several people increases the price. The price consists of a fixed fee plus a participating contribution. For Coworking members this fee is 30% reduced.

The capacity of the rooms can be used in a flexible way, as chairs can be increased or reduced if necessary. The information about room capacity in the above pages refers to the standard seating.

All prices are 20% VAT excluding, while for Switzerland 7,7% VAT  and a daily exchange rate €-sFr used.

Booking as Coworking member

FixDesk and membership are reduced

For Fixdesk users, there are already 32 hours included in the offer (see subscription agreement) However, additional packages can be booked. Coworking members with Annual Membership are treated as Fixdesk users and can reserve additional time in the desired premises. The effective availability is currently displayed. For booking, it is necessary to create an Account!

The use of member's premises also applies for the other places with reduced prices.

 2h UnitHalf a dayWhole day
2 Participants€ 11.-€ 22.-€ 36.-
4 Participants€ 12,75.-€ 25,50.-€ 43.-
6 Participants€ 16,25.-€ 32,50.-€ 57.-
10 Participants€ 23,25.-€ 46,50.-€ 85.-
10h Package divisible by 2h up to 6 people€ 71.-
20h Package divisible by 2h up to 6 people€ 125.-

The 10/20h package are available only for Fixdesk users. Further splitting of these additional 10/20h packages are possible at the Booking desk. Also here, only by log-in access.

Members and Fixdesk users prices Details

    Flexdesk and Visitors

    For external visitors of the Coworking, the rooms are also available for seminars, projects meetings and other events. 

    As Flexdesk user, you have already 5 hours for Seminar rooms automatically booked. If required, additional periods may be added

     Half a dayWhole day
    2 Participants€ 30.-€ 49.-
    4 Participants€ 40.-€ 67.-
    6 Participants€ 50.-€ 85.-
    10 Participants€ 70.-€ 121.-
    14 Participants€ 90.-€ 157.-

    In the booking system, all optional equipment such as beamer, flipchart, presentation tools with related costs can be selected and directly booked.

    Flexdesk and Visitors Prices Details.

      Cancellation of a booked event

      As annoying as it can be, sometimes, an event may fail. In this case, we will charge costs according to the following cancellation policy.

      • In case of notification less than 1 week before the event starting, the 60% will be charged.
      • if notified 2 weeks before the event, 45% will be charged
      • if notified 3 weeks before the event, 30% will be charged
      • if notified 4 weeks before the event, 20% will be charged

      If we book a seminar room and no one shows up, the entire open amount will be charged.

      Regular use of Seminar rooms

      In the context of Membership, we have the possibility to obtain for the external people the same benefits of the coworking members. In this way booking is simplified, cancellations are possible free of charge and payments are carried out afterwards.

      Coworking Membership details

      And bigger events?

      Yes, this is also possible - but we need a  direct Vote. We have several possibilities.

      • maximum 30 - 40 people in Dornbirn shall be implemented on request
      • maximum 20 people in Feldkirch, or events for up to 150 People.
      • Daily event for 120 people in Lustenau, Evening events up to 150 - 200 people.
      • Almost different events with outdoor activities are possible in Italy. Casa con anima is the environment that we use for them.