After registering as a Member, a Direct Online Booking is available, and this allows an automatic Reservation. Otherwise we will contact you to allocate the selected spaces.

General information about all Seminar and Meeting Rooms in Dornbirn Coworking:

  • Flipchart and Presentation case are to be reserved. When required, they can be provided for each seminar and meeting room, if available.
  • Access to the rooms (Keys or access code) is to be defined in advance by contacting the Coworking Sekretariat by phone or e-mail.
  • The kitchen on the first floor can be used with pleasure - please use coffee under the Fair Use principle. (According to the purpose of the Coworking, the kitchen will be left in a clean conditions and used dishes put in the dishwasher).
  • Leave the seminar rooms as you found them.
  • When leaving the seminar areas, close the balcony doors and bring shade into the room.
  • The pictures of the rooms show the sandard seating. Tables and chairs can be changed - but please return them at the end of the event!
  • Smoking inside the building is forbidden - please, smoke outside!
  • More information about Parking in Dornbirn Coworking

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