With over 170 square metres, the Event Space is a place for meetings for up to 100 guests. The room can be individually adapted to your needs with a flexible system of tables and chairs and offers your business meetings the perfect setting.

The large glass walls allow plenty of natural light into the room, creating a relaxed atmosphere for your guests. It also has a sophisticated system of blinds, curtains and LED lights in case you want to use the projector or create a special atmosphere. The Event Space is fully air-conditioned and has active ventilation.

For groups of 40 people or more, this room can be enlarged and become one with the cafeteria area, where you will also find a terrace that is very suitable for breaks or working outdoors in spring and summer.

The modern room has technical equipment including a high-resolution projector, a cinema screen, a sound system with speakers, hand-held microphone and headsets, 2 flipcharts with paper and pens, and a lectern. In addition, our high-speed internet that allows you to host online or hybrid events as well.

In the adjacent kitchen you can prepare the catering without disturbing the event.


  • 110 square meter room with 100 chairs and 12 tables.
  • When the folding wall to the cafeteria is open, the room can be enlarged to approx. 180 square metres (separate booking!).
  • Full-HD beamer (5000 lumen) with large cinema screen (HDMI connection)
  • Sound system with headset and handheld microphone (wireless)
  • High-speed Internet with WLAN (e.g. for hybrid meetings)
  • Cynap (Wolfvision) for wireless presentation of up to 4 laptops and smartphones
  • Dimmable LED lighting (ceiling white, in the presentation area also coloured)
  • Lectern
  • High room (3.10) with acoustic ceiling and window front facing west
  • Automatic, brightness-controlled blinds
  • 2 flipcharts with pens
  • Several restaurants within less than 5 minutes walking distance
  • Coffee, tea and soda water in cafeteria (other drinks on request)
  • Optional lunch menus are also available in-house


  • Chair carts (for extra chairs) are located in the hallway of Building 2 - to the left by the doorway
  • Tables are located on a cart in Building 1 under the concrete stairs.
  • The seating or the arrangement of the tables is organised by each room user. For this purpose, the tables and chairs can be left after the event.
  • Power sockets can be found in the technical cupboard as well as in the raised floor if required.
  • Beamer remote control is to the left of the screen (in wall mount).
  • Laptop and mobile device connection is via Cynap (Wolfvision) via Miracast or Apple Airplay. Just turn on the projector and follow the instructions.
  • The technology cabinet is located on the left front of the wall (roller shutter cabinet).
  • HDMI connection socket as well as cable can be found on the outside right of the technology cabinet.
  • The sound of the HDMI connection or the active Cynap device is automatically transmitted to the sound system. If not, the amplifier (far right in the technical cabinet) must be switched on. The volume can also be adjusted at the amplifier.
  • Light switch and blinds control are on the front left and right of the wall.
  • The WLAN access appears after switching on the beamer.

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