The Meeting Box is a multifunctional work booth equipped with a modern screen, a camera for video calls and a sophisticated soundproofing system. Up to four people can hold a meeting or video conference here in a more private environment. The Gless Box has a small work desk, fast Wi-Fi, and two whiteboards where you can visualize your ideas. You'll be able to isolate yourself from the outside world in this space and have plenty of room to focus and finalize ideas and business.

  • Light switch right behind glass door (both floor lamps can be operated with this switch)
  • Switch for shading on the right behind glass door
  • Sockets in the floor or on the right side of the wall
  • Meeting table with up to 12 people
  • Bright, friendly room due to natural light
  • Drawn with curtains as standard
  • The glass front of the meeting room is frosted so that meetings and discussions can be held discreetly
  • Sufficient storage space for presentation documents on the side



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