We have created an environment for corporate success!

For many self-employed people, own premises are no longer a high priority. Die entire company finds place in the laptop. But sometimes, the longing for a solid environment and all the rest of it, may arise.

For that reason, the coworking WFD with its  Fix-Desk- und Flex-Desk- is the right solution. For some companies, even sporadic use is a topic. Here, through a membership, we have a cost-effective way of using infrastructure, but it can also be done without it.

Coworking is a place where freelancers or team work – sometimes in common, but often together. This brings a lot of benefits. Everyone decides for himself when and how often wants to use the office place, meeting or seminar room. For that reason, the related investments remain manageable and adjustable.

But WorkFwd is also for work situations in group or company requirements. These options are designed for groups from 5 people - with everything that is necessary to start working. It can be a temporary requirement, that we serve with the Team Space offers, or a longer requirement with Work Space. Everything is included. Details must be discussed.

Discretion and possible retreats for highly concentrated work are guaranteed in our premises.

Select your office place option

FixDesk or Resident, or FlexDesk for temporary use.

Flexdesk from € 200.- / Monthly

For sporadic use of a Workplace, this package is available only in Feldkirch (A) or Lustenau (A) during business hours.

The "Clean Desk Policy" means that the work place will be cleaned up in the evening. You don't have a key and there's no closet available.

Fixdesk in various forms

In this way, all three of our locations Feldkirch (A), Dornbirn (A), Widnau (CH), can be used (depending on the package) at will, including all services and infrastructure. You have your storage space (depending on package) graded according to your needs and various additional services included.

The Resident Package creates possibility for Teams over a separate room or, if necessary, also for whole floors.

Discounted usage is also possible via the Night Owl package - especially for founders who still have a second job.

Work space needs of companies and groups

Team space from € 240.- / daily.

Scheduled group work room

What distinguishes the Team Space from the meeting room usage?

The Team Space option is a work space specifically designed for this task, and usually there is no or little interaction with the Coworking company.

Work equipment is also available, for the implementation of:

  • Off-site Meeting
  • Meeting Room
  • Conference Room
  • Office Space
  • Event Space
  • Training Room
  • Presentation Room
  • Product presentation

Everything is available on place, or can be added without cost.

Work space from € 850.- / Monthly

Temporary work space for group / companies

A fully equipped work area - it can be a single separate room or - substantially - a larger area on a floor that we create as the workspace.

Everything that a Team needs to operate, is ready to start. From Room, internet access and coffee, that everyone expects, also services like Soundsystem, beamers, punchers, pliers, and other office equipment is fully included. This can be done inside the Coworking area, or as a seperate undisturbed space.

This price is based on a certain number of participant and the needs for these service for this number of persons. The services are calculated on a monthly basis and are provided without committment and deposit.

Using the meeting room to talk and discuss

Meeting and training room ad hoc

All the locations of the Coworking allow to work in a professional environment with infrastructure with different characteristics depending on the location. -The use of the Meeting infrastructure is largely included in the subscription of FixDesk offer. However -  if needed - it can be supplemented on the basis of varying billing.

The premises are also suitable for external use and bookable. The meeting infrastructure is an essential element to work with staff in a team or external members, for project meetings or presentations. More details Meeting Room Offer und Prices.

Overview Visitor Price list

As a member prices are 30% cheaper

As a coworking member, the infrastructure and the network can be used extensively, with clear financial benefits, at an annual rate adapted to the size of the company.

The focus is on the conference space infrastructure, but Office Spaces in case of sporadical needs are also available.

Members can book meeting rooms in all locations and check their availability online.

Member Prices for Meeting Rooms Overview

Comfort or advantage? Certainly useful!

...partly depending on the selected space.


Fast Internet

Daily cleaning

Access 24/7

Phone and rooms

Print / Scan / Copy

Office equipment

Private & Community Events

Post & Packages Service

Local Host

Legal company location for I/A/CH

Bicycles parking

Logistic Challenge participation

Food Blockchain

Projekt WAP

Community Benefits

Support  Insurance

Asset liability

Health insurance

as part of the UBIT health insurance