Covid is also available with us

In case of suspicion:

Please let everyone know in the respective office. There is no shame....

Additionally Dietmar Walser as he has all the contacts and in turn also informs.

Vulnerable populations:

  • Limit excursions
  • Vulnerable populations include those over 60 and people with certain health problems such as heart disease, lung disease, diabetes, kidney disease and weakened immune systems
  • Do not go to gatherings of 6 or more people unless it is essential.
  • Telecommute when possible - if equipment is needed - ask Dietmar Walser.
  • Avoid visits to those who are ill - phone and video are adequate many times.

Our workplaces:

  • Minimize exposure - so maintain/increase distances. When sitting, as otherwise.
  • Suspend non-essential travel with and to co-workers.
  • Minimize or cancel large personal meetings and conferences.
  • Those who feel ill should stay home to protect everyone else and avoid possible contagion.
  • Maximize flexibility in sick leave benefits - there is a lot here from WKO / and health insurance - please check.
  • Allow sick employees to stay home, even without providing medical certificates.
  • Consider using telecommuting options
  • Some who need to be at work to provide essential services can take steps in their workplace to minimize the risk. For example, we have now applied the partitions, and please also use the disinfectants that are around.