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House rules, status of the finished discussion

The rules that we give ourselves and we adapt continuously

  • Our open spaces are dedicated to business activity; we want to keep them quiet. For loud conversations, withdraw cleverly into your private office, or use the balcony.
  • Meeting rooms are availale to all. Even when you are alone, it's sometimes attractive and practical to use. A reserved room is available to the person(s) who booked it first
  • In the evening, everyone cleans up their desk and the coffe cup/glass belongs to dishwasher
  • Phone calls on the spot are only quietly allowed. For longer speeches (>1 Minute) we have to go into the open offices and close the door.
  • Everyone take their printouts from the printers and put them in their collegues's folders or bring them away
  • Large print orders can also be made at marginal times, if there are not many colleagues.
  • Before opening the window, ask your colleagues.
  • The shade should be active at lunchtime, otherwise the air conditioner won't make it. Opening window and running air conditioning is nonsense.
  • If you are sick, stay at home! The office doesn't have to turn into a private one, because everyone else gets infected and sick.
  • Don't shout across the office! If you want to talk with a colleague, go there and speak quietly.
  • If you want to concentrate, you have to take care of your own environment: headphones or earplugs in your ears, looking for a quite corner, switching off your phone or email for a while
  • Everyone leaves the kitchen as he/she wants to use it for themselves.
  • Please, when you are in the office set your mobile phone ringtone to be very quiet or silent
  • Guests - also children - are welcome, and we'll show them everything we have. Have a coffe or visit the balcony. We try not to disturb the others.
  • Yes, we do like animals and bikes too. But they don't have do stay in the office.


WorkFwd stellt ensures work and communication space for working friends.

These are professional environments when you can meet your customers. A serious, stylish office.
Here we work in a productive way, innovative ideas are born and work group networks are formed.
Occasionally, in consultation with other members, events take place. 

  • -> Work place with desk
  • -> Work & Team Spaces for work situations with many people
  • -> Conference rooms, also for visitors!

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