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Noise, sound or activity?

And why we should be careful to avoid it.

Coworking is a workplace like any other.

Apart from work tasks, the nature of noises affects the disturbance and stress. Especially if there are other members who are not working on the same assignment.

In addition to noise, other ergonomic or organisational deficiencies in the environment, have an increasing effect on stress level. Noise is particularly annoying and disturbing.

  • Type: if it is impulsive, conspicuous or foreign
  • Frequency: high - pitched sounds
  • Predictability: in case of irregular and unpredictable sounds
  • Backgrounds: when the noise occurs at very low background noise levels
  • Movement: when the noise source changes in space
  • Information content: in case of language
  • Internal attitude: if there is a negative relationship with the noise source
  • Necessity: when you have the impression that this is not necessary or not normally part of work
  • Controllability: when the sound is not generated by itself, if it is passively grounded or can't be influenced
  • Requirements. at high a level of mental concentration
  • Environment: when adding shift work, lack of time and other ergonomic shortcomings

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What do we do about "sounds"

We cannot avoid everything, but awareness already solves many problems

We consider "noise" as the bigger problem in our working environment. This is why we have taken some precautions to keep the source of disturbance low - it is not possible to switch it off.

  • environmental arrangements (soundproofing)
  • Room design with meeting rooms and telephone corners
  • To take care of a culture - how to deal with calls, jokes and so on

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