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In the coworking area of all locations I have an equipped workplace with furniture, WLAN access, High Speed internet and all what it needs: electricity, water, healing, air conditioning, WC, wardrobe, cleaning, coffee and fruits - on the "fair-use" principle. Printer use will be charged beginning from the 50/100 colour /b&w pages /monthly. Also parking for your car is included, only except for Dornbirn, where parking places are limited.

I can access to my office space at any time by my own key.

I have the possibility of a fix installation facility for my PC, as well as included storage space (lockable rolling container, compartment or open storage areas, accordingly to availability). I can also book storage facilities at a small extra charge.

My company is regularly in contact with customers. It also happens in my office. For this purpose, I use the meeting room, that is free till 32 hours / monthly. After that, if needed, I can buy additional tickets with a special price.

I use the work space I selected as my company location, visible to the outside by lettering and postal address. The reception carries out the postal and delivery service, and sends everything to my postal box.

The monthly price for Standar Fixdesk is  EUR 330-- (plus VAT 20% ) or sFr 410.-- Plus VAT. 7,7%) in Widnau.

The following options are added to the Standard FlexDesk Place as follows :

  • I can freely choose two workplaces between Feldkirch, Dornbirn and Widnau.
    In that way, I can also use every Work place there - one is the standard workplace that serves as commercial and fiscal location.
  • The meeting rooms are available at each location.
  • If I need space for additional employees, I'll receive a discounted price for Fixdesk standard workplace.

The monthly price for 1 Fixdesk Standard place amounts to EUR 375,-- (plus VAT 20%) or sFr 490.-- (plus VAT 7,7%) in Widnau.

Night owl is very similar to a Fix Desk tarif.

However, acces is available only during limited periods, from 17.00 to 8.00, plus Saturday and Sunday throughout.

Add 3 days/ monthly from 8.00 to 17.00 during the day.

The meeting room use is 5x2 h /Monthly, during the day also guaranteed.

The printer invoicing is starting from 50/100 colour /b&w pages /monthly, like on other tariffs.
The monthly price for 1. Night owl Place amounts to EUR 250,-- (plus VAT 20%) or sFr 300.-- (plus VAT 7,7%) in Widnau.

The duration of this offer is at least 2 months, and it is limited to the availability of places.

I need a workstation regularly, access sometimes earlier sometimes later - but I have a key.

10 days are available for it per year and can be consumed on any days. It is a subscription, and it renews automatically after a year, or if I have used up the days earlier. Cancellation as with all other services at least 10 days before expiration. If the 10 days are exceeded within a year, the next bill comes automatically!

At the respective location I have an equipped workplace with furniture, WLAN access and High Speed Internet incl. everything that is needed: electricity, water, heating, air conditioning, toilet, wardrobe, cleaning, coffee is all included. Invoicing printer only from 100/50 b/w/color pages / month. Parking for your car is only included in the price in Feldkirch.

I have access to the office at any time with my own key.

I have the option of a fixed location for my PC as well as limited storage space for some IT equipment such as a monitor or docking station. If I need meeting rooms, I can book them at a reduced rate, but the same cancellation conditions and options apply to the other locations. For non-contiguous work days, the Clean Desk Policy applies - so I put my stuff away in the evening.

I use the location I have chosen as my company location, am visible to the outside via signage and mailing address. Mail and delivery service takes over at the front desk and puts it in the mailbox.

The set-up costs and key deposit are € 50.- / sFr 60.-, which will NOT be charged if the agreement runs continuously. It will only be charged in case of one-time packages or resumption in case of interruption.

The price per month for the Fixdesk Standard is € 284,- (plus 20% VAT) or sFr 335.- (plus 7,7 VAT) in Widnau.

The extension of the core Standard Fixdesk is the Resident Package.

Not only own keys and access to the location area. In addition, depending on availability, also a single office area, exclusive available for you. Prices may vary according to size and equipment. Approximately, this is the basic calculation for a single office in Feldkirch:

  • Fixdesk Standard  € 330.-
  • Single office portion € 340.-
  • Storage space 20 squared meters € 24.-
  • Outdoor lettering house / single floor € 120.-
  • Postbox and post management (Scan) € 45.- (minimum volume)

Aproximately variable amount: € 739.-
For each additional employee of the company, the reduced Single Standard Fixdesk set is applied. This makes particular sense, if the number of participants is greater or equal to 5 people and a mix with the Team Coworking Space is needed or required. 

This offer has a minimum duration of 4 months and a notice period of 2 months.


For unplanned situations or fixed groups in a specific area, we have settled up the following options: 

Hourly or daily basis Team space at your disposal

Monthly basis Work Spaces using