In the coworking areas of all locations I have a flexible Workingplace for eight days per month.

The working space is fully equipped with furniture, WLAN access, High Speed Internet and all what it takes: Electricity, Water, Healing, Air conditioning, WC, wardrobe, Cleaning, coffee and fruits - on the "Fair use" principle. Printer invoicing only starting from 100/50 b&w /colour pages /monthly .

I can access to my office space during the business hours (Monday - Friday 8.00 - 12.00 and Monday - Thursday 13.30 - 17.00) I don't have my own key. The lockable storage space is only available with the Fixdesk option.

The „Clean Desk Policy“, applies, that means that every working day, in the evening, the working place will be cleaned up.

If I want to meet my customers, the Meeting rooms is also available for 5 hours per month. It also stands for a cumulative half a day (maximum 5 people). Additional times for the Meeting room using can be required at any times and will be invoiced by the end of the month. However, they can also be paid immediately.

The monthly Flexdesk subscription amounts to EUR 200,-- (plus VAT 20%).