Service Overview in different locations

Italy, Switzerland, Austria locations

Italy and Switzerland are very easily reachable. But - at least legally and financially - there could be an obstacle. Thanks to the cooperation with some partners over the years, we tailored an infrastructure for Startups abroad. This is working well in Italy, Austria and also Switzerland / Liechtenstein.

The topic "Letterbox company", "Social froud" and "money laundering", are thus not making trouble like it happened in the past, by adopting some simple solutions. - The Consulting branch of ordino helps Startups and founders with a cooperation in our Coworking. So we can give you the advantage of doing business with these countries. And this is possible for small companies, too.

But, of course, for larger companies we will continue to do it :-)

Virtueller Gewerbestandort

Mehr als eine Briefkastenfirma

Wird eine repräsentative Geschäftsadresse in Österreich, der Schweiz oder Italien notwendig?

Melde dazu Deine Firmenadresse bei uns an. Es ist kein dauerhaftes anmieten von Büroraumes notwendig - es kann aber jederzeit auf Fix/Flex Arbeitsplatzes upgedated werden. Je nach Angebot die Post selber abholen, oder weiterleiten lassen.

Virtualized PBX could be fine?

With us, you also get a Telephone connection on SIP Basis. You can get it as a real hardware phone at your coworking place or at home, but also only as a telephone application on your mobile phone. Costs are really low and always with a local number. (This is possible in Switzerland, and Austria locations)

If required, you can also get a telephone answering service to communicate, for example: "Now in a meeting, back in 2,5 hours, then can call you back".

Virtualized server environment could be a support?

We have very fast Internet connections at Feldkirch location, including an air conditioned server room equipped with a virtualized Hardware. New servers can find here a safe place... No more thoughts about

  • Microsoft waitings and Update
  • Ongoing cooordination with IT Personal
  • Backup and restore if necessary
  • Servermonitoring
  • Datasecurity
  • Access security

We offer a lot more here, also in cooperation with local Hosters und IT service providers - and at a very reasonable price, as only joint support can guarantee low prices

Virtualized job places would be cheaper and always up to date

with full Microsoft Licences on a monthly Basis. This could be Office365, but also the classic monthly Office Licence. So, in summer, with some enhacements, there could be 3 additional places available and, in September, back again to 3 full licences. And, on holidays, we are completely off..

A telephone with a local number

I want a telephone - a device or an addition to my mobile phone.

Easy, or not?!

Always to the printshop?

Each location has excellent printers, accessible to anyone through a cost centre accounting. We have a large print volume, which allows us to offer this service to others, as well. It doesn´t matter, if this is for only a few pages, or many 1000.

  • advertising brochure´s
  • Catalogues
  • professional project documentation

They are not a problem anymore. Immediatly and with good quality.

Fax machine is still around? Or you don't have and need it?

Same with us, but we can send and receive faxes through electronic channels.

And we can forward them as a PDF or simply print them for you. Are there any other idea for Faxing? We can do that.

Consulting Leistungen im Logistik Umfeld

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