More details about Membership

As a member of the Coworking Club, you are in many ways equal to the achievements of other Coworking's members. But it's more than an ideological support: you give money to receive benefits and more intensive cooperation.

Therefore, the monetary advantages make it more practical to use the meeting and presentation areas. This also applies to broadcast or hosting events. Services like secretariat, post, mailbox, Plot and Print, are also available at a reduced cost. However, the setup costs for the Coworking members are incurred.

Coworking members and Fixdesk users can benefit from a 30% discount for Meeting and Conference rooms. As a Coworking member, you have the great advantage that no costs are incurred for bookings or cancellations of meeting rooms and seminar rooms.

As a Coworking member, it's planned that we post about you three times a year in our blog. Your name and company name will be placed on our website with the corresponding link. This is to become active at the end of 2019.

You can use the coworking spaces in all our locations. You can also use the coworking places with the Flexdesk setup  six times a year.  For this, login is required, as we want to avoid overbooking.

The membership cost amounts to EUR 360,00 (plus  20% VAT) for small companies (until 3 employees) and private individuals. 

You can compare the normal prices for Seminar and meeting rooms on Place Booking.

For larger companies or fixed Teams:

For larger companies we offer also some practical opportunities witihin the framework of Membership - Please, ask directly to Dietmar Walser.

These business offering also creates opportunities for multiple employees. For details, please ask directly at the above email address. We will be happy to study a special offer for the specific use.

For standard situations, we already have filled in offers that can be found at

Team Spaces available on an hourly or daily basis

Or Work Spaces to be used on monthly basis for Teams

Meeting Rooms Price Overview for members