You only need a representative business address in Austria*?

Please register your company address or your place of business with us. It is not necessary to rent office space or fixed/flex workstations permanently - hence the term "virtual business location". The address is suitable for registration in the company register as well as for use under tax and trade law. There are no costs for office space, deposit, commission, cleaning staff, electricity, water, heating. 

You pick up the mail personally, or we send it to you - depending on the service package and the definition we agree on together. And if the need develops into a "real" workplace, you can switch flexibly and easily to a fixed or flex desk.

The "Start" package is only available as a supplement to a Flexdesk offer.

The "Practice" package can be booked alone.
A supplement regarding telephone accessibility depends on specific requirements of the telephone system. It can be supplemented with your own number as well as with extensions that are dynamically billed. (Forwarding / roaming costs). This telephone availability is necessary for specific trades such as food production/distribution - it depends on the company's trade licence! The costs are of course different and are not included in the offer price.

For booking a written declaration of consent is necessary, which must be signed by you. Only then we start.

* Requirements for Switzerland or Italy?

We can do something here too - talk to us - a few adjustments apply to this offer.

 Start € 80.-

Praxis **

sole proprietorship € 120 - € 150
corporation € 160 - € 220

Postfach*inkl. elektronischem
Verständigung Posteingangpro Woche* 
Annahme RSb-Briefenein* 
Rampennutzung/Stauraum - nur am Standort Feldkirchnein* 
Empfangsmitarbeiter (8:00-12:00 / 13:30-17:00)vormittagsganzer Tag 
Post- und PaketweiterleitungSelbstabholung1 x pro Woche 
Briefe öffnen, scannen, mailenpro Wocheprompt 
Telefonische Erreichbarkeitnein* 
Mindestbindung3 Monate3 Monate 

And then there is the small printed...
** Practice Service package depending on the mail/parcel volume and the upcoming expenses.

Prices are net prices without VAT and are charged in advance

Reverse charge when billing abroad is NOT provided for site services!

The "Start" package is tied to the Flexdesk package - i.e. a possible cancellation of the Flexdesk package also means that the Start package will continue to run for at least 3 months. Should the Flexdesk package continue after this time, the Start package will be upgraded to the Practice package.

The costs of the telephone availability depend on the trade and the technical equipment. Setup costs, fixed monthly costs and forwarding fees are applied.

Company name and/or first name

c/o WorkFwd Coworking (it also works without "c/o" - but makes it safer - especially at the beginning)

Reichsstraße 126 / I.Stock

6800 Feldkirch

What is a virtual business location?

Is an official company address where no infrastructure of the respective company is available at the location. When registering a business, the location must also be specified (§ 339 (2) GewO). This must be a location that can be precisely determined topographically; a mere Internet address is NOT enough! Such a location can also be justified for a company that offers office services on a commercial basis. 

For whom is it permitted to register such a business location?

In principle, it is possible for all types of companies and tradespeople, partnerships as well as corporations, subject to the provisions of §339(2) of the Trade and Industry Law.

Is it sufficient to be reachable by telephone and post at this address?


Are furniture and infrastructure necessary?


Does the company have to be equipped with a company sign?

At the location the §§ 63 - 66 GewO must be observed!  The company will be marked on the post box with its name and business name. This will be done by us in the course of furnishing. We will also actively inform the parcel service providers and postal officers of this new address at this location.

Is it a violation of trade law if a virtual business location is operated and no address appears?

According to § 63 (1), the external business name must contain the first and last name of the company. A breach of this provision constitutes a violation of § 368 GewO . The address may, but need not, be included in the business name.

What happens if I want to cancel the service?

You can only deregister from the service once you have re-registered under trade law! After the re-registration, a forwarding service must be set up by the post office. We will forward incoming mail to the new address during the cancellation period. Afterwards, we no longer accept mail and add the following to the item: "moved to ... ".