All rooms can be used for the possible activities of the "Workspace". Prices are essentially based on the size of the room, the duration of usage and the costs for any required changes and modifications.

Often, the tailor-offer is necessary for your requirements. That's why we will be happy to prepare it for you. Every plan always takes time! So we need to contact each other as early as possible, as many events are planned and fixed in advance. The possibilities are not limited to just one location. There are different spaces available in Feldkirch, Dornbirn, Lustenau und Suna (Italy) with the possibility of outdoor activities. In order to provide planning certainty, membership with us makes sense, as it also reduces the financial risk.

Many offers are already available, but they are not yet fully descripted and priced here, on the website.

Please, be patient and ask directly Dietmar. He can give you full information and create a tailor offer for specific use.

Dornbirn, Lustenau, Feldkirch