Team Space <> Work Space more about the differences

Team Space

Teamspace is a fixed booking of a specific set of workplaces and meeting rooms for exclusive use by a Team over particular days or hours. In contrast to the Work Space, that is oriented to a longer period.

This results for typical usage modes of Team Spaces, for which we are ready if,  for example: :

  • Outdoor Meeting
  • Briefing spaces
  • Conference spaces
  • Office Space
  • Event Space
  • Training spaces
  • Presentations areas
  • Product presentations

are needed. Equipment and tools are available for these requirements.

Work Space

The situation is slightly different is a solution is sought for a group of people over a larger period of time. Rent is due to deposit and high start-up costs for commissioning and its resolution. Even a situation in the Coworking open areas is not the optimal solution - on the one hand, disturbing elements or discretionary requirements prevent this use. On the other hand, temporary needs are often a reason for this use, such as also:

  • Replacement office due to natural events (Fire, water, Storm, ..) - to go to insurance
  • Team Space for temporary bottlenecks
  • or particular project requirements
  • Drawing inspiration from the Coworking field
  • Barcamp similar conference situation over longer project period
  • Structural changes at the headquarters prevent trouble-free work- to go to property developer

traning provider

We also have a good options for Training providers, who have regular dates!

Whether you require 10 times a semester, or evening programs with frontal lessons and breakoutlessons.... We'll find the right soution!

Contact directly Dietmar Walser! He can provide full information - and study a tailor-offer for your specific needs.

The offers are already available, but not yet exhaustively descripted and priced here on the website.

Infrastructure is ready

High Speed Wifi, Cleaning, Presentation tools...all ready to get started with the best work

everything furnished

Reception, kitchen, meeting rooms are equipped with a mix of work and meeting table. But even the necessary little things are there, like holes, tixo and folders, to be able to put something down too.

flexible handling

Whether it is for a month or a half, for these usage options we don't have years of binding contracts, that unnecessarily strain the budget.