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Josef Giselbrecht

Extra Marketing GmbH

My location in Switzerland, Austria and Italy. Everything you could need, focused on Marketing and Sales.


Guntram Bechtold


I particularly like the sense of "Presence" in this Club.


Josef Büchsenmeister

I like things to happen at the WorkFwd.


Heidi Kalb-Vogel

Heidi Kalb-Vogel

WorkFwd, are inspired and inspiring people with Vision, who value good working and business atmosphere.


Thomas Rümmele

I like the opennes and the international style of WorkFwd.


Martin Ziegler

Trachsler AG

We like the friendly, busy and personal welcome in the Coworking office. Geographically close to the CH / AT border, with motorway connection in a growing industrial area (Viscosepark). With carwash, (5 stars) hotel, Deli 67 Snack bar and fitness centre within walking distance.


Eduard Konzett

Begleitende Personalberatung Konzett

... es tut (bei mir eher: tat) wohl in einem lebendigen Umfeld mit Spezialisten aus verschiedensten Gebieten zusammen zu arbeiten.

Silvia Huchler

Konzett Huchler Bayer Personalberatung GmbH

For me, as a self-employed person -the great advantage of a Coworking space is the daily contact with other freelancers, with whom I can quickly create a network. In addition to the efficiency that comes from a Coworking space, there's also a certain amount of inspiration and encouragement from other freelancers!


Rita Alesina

Dottoressa Architetto

What I like most about WorkFwd is the feeling of "presence" in this Coworking Club. When I work in my regular office in Italy, there is more hectic or lots of disturbances during the day. If I have to do something important, I stay as long as possible inside this teamplace.


Dietmar Walser

I like this discreet hustle and bustle that makes me consciously stay focused on the subject. The environment of consultans (with various tasks and topics) is for me - as a consultant - an inspiring challenge.


Marjan Ratkovic


A fine development and implementation of Online presence and advertising are favoured through Typo3.


Michael Schnedl


I turn companies into brands. As a full-service agency, I offer a wide range of solutions, from the development of marketing concept, to the implemented communication measure - from conventional advertising to online marketing.. We compile your company profile together and rely on a crystal-clear communication with your customer and potential interested parties.


Helga Delgado

Elegant Resorts

We are a travel consultancy and we distinguish ourselvers from the other travel agencies thanks to our special exclusive and luxurious offer. Here we can rely on almost 30 years of experience and countless satisfied customers


Alexander Bauer

The geologist

I live and work as an indipendent geologist in Vorarlberg and Tyrol. At the moment, I mainly work with water (for example, the Brenner Base Tunnel)


Elke Küng

Wipro Limited Austrian Branch

What should I say more than: beautiful office with perfect infrastructure. It fits perfectly!


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