Me about myself

Short bio on the founder

Well, I was born in Feldkirch. But that was a long time ago.

Kindergarten, elementary school, apprenticeship, Matura in the 2nd education, mechanical engineering studies, postgraduate studies St. Gallen, in between driving license, Seepferdchen and Freischwimmer and dance school. - My exciting childhood and adolescence up to the 21st century. Puberty is slowly coming to an end.

My service to the fatherland in the form of militia service, then there was a mutiny.

Then work with solar water pumping stations in Egypt and Mato Grosso in Brazil. The carnival in Rio there delayed the trip home 1 year, still don't know why.

Still in the 20th Jhd some semesters economics and computer science Vienna made. Later organization of stays abroad in Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand. New Caledonia and Bora Bora were still on the way home.

Then founded companies - was fun in the beginning. 2 IPOs and venture capital rounds put an end to that. Now something else had to happen. I am mayor in Nolezzo, which is in the Piemont with 2 inhabitants. Rita scolds when I want to be mayor, she wants too.

When I'm in Vorarlberg, I have to do the management consultant and run 5 coworkings. Otherwise it's boring. Again and again I learn Italian, but this language protests loudly against it.

The answer to the question that probably interests everyone the most, though: 42.5! My shoe size is almost 43.