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Overview of services


where people get together, or cultivate the social

Coworking members aren't here just to work. There are a few common themes we tackle. Or also maintain.

Sometimes the partners are also there - or sometimes something more far-flung.

Why not go hiking again?


means something different for everyone...

Sometimes choose a place to work in a concentrated way, or be here regularly and focus on this subject.

A location always fixed in one place, or sometimes somewhere else when the sun is too strong in winter. Or outdoors. Italy wouldn't be bad either...

Workplace can also be the necessary meeting at a special location. 

We give answer to many of these questions.

Team Space and Workspace

for rooms & areas with more than one person...

Answer we give in the typical coworking environment mostly for individuals, or small teams.

Especially in the Covid time, the question for more space for teams came up again and again. One-time or for defined periods of time in which a group of people occupy their own area. And thus (mostly) undisturbed by other influences work on a topic. For themselves, or also in the environment of coworking if desired.


from 2 - 100 Persons

We have rooms that make this possible at all our locations.

Different in size and equipment, but always friendly and serious - sometimes with wit.

All rooms are searchable online after registration for availability and also bookable with günsstigen prices. The conditions as well as administrative conditions are available.


& Events

For many years we have been trying to ensure that a stay for work or meetings, team meetings or events can take place without distractions and with all the necessary support.  The collection of services is not suitable for everyone, but it is helpful to know what is available.

For the permanent members in the coworker is the offer is even more expanded! Just register, then it will be visible.

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